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Regen Water

“Better safe than sorry” isn’t always right.

Soil moisture and pasture growth go hand in hand. If you are in an area where water restrictions occur at some stage through the season it is tempting to keep “ahead” until then. But over-irrigation is wasted water – it causes leaching and reduces pasture growth. 1 2

To have confidence not to irrigate you need to know every day where your soil moisture is compared to the optimal zone for pasture growth - with Regen each irrigation block on your farm can be calculated separately.

Combined with the weather forecast, Regen can help you optimise the value of your irrigation.

You’ll receive daily recommendations both on when to irrigate and how much, to stay in the optimal zone - on your phone or computer.

Water Lite Water Pro
(Existing sensors may reduce costing)
Total: up to ~$3,000 for setup
Total: up to ~$15,000 for setup
Hardware 1 x Soil Moisture Sensor 1 x Weather Station (per farm)
1 x Soil Moisture sensor (per pivot)
1 x Water meter (per pivot)
Weather Forecast 1 day 5 days
Recommendations Basic yes/no from soil moisture data Smart mm specific
12-month reverse tracking compliance
Council specific, self-tracked data
Real-time measured rainfall
Unlimited logins
0800 number support
On the ground training and support
Nitrogen Calculator

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“It’s an excellent tool”

- Grant Evans, Harewood Farms



Confidently go ahead with your Nitrogen application and have proof of best practice.

Nitrogen use is now coming into the spotlight. With regional council plan changes, dairy supply companies reporting requirements and increased scrutiny of the link between water quality and intensive dairying, it’s never been more important to get it right.

Regen offers a reliable, easy to use solution that requires only a few inputs from you - so you can get back to farming.

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