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Regen Effluent

Turn your dairy effluent from a problem into an asset

There’s a lot to manage as a proactive, modern farmer. Our award-winning product was developed in partnership with Massey University soil scientists to help you irrigate effluent for the best possible result - so you can focus on the long-term value of your farm.

Maintaining compliance is inevitable when you always know the right time to apply. Easily share how you farm with reporting tools and reduce your nitrogen loss and water use while limiting impact on production.

You’ll receive daily recommendations from your own farm’s sensor data - accessible anywhere, anytime.


$122/month + $1200 set up fee

Hardware (Talk to us about your existing sensors to adjust costing).

  • 1 x pond level sensor (per farm)
  • 1 x weather station
  • 1 x soil moisture sensor (per farm)
  • 1 x pump relay (per farm)
  • Total: up to ~$5-7000

“Regen gives us confidence to put on the nutrients in the pasture over winter and stay compliant. Now we look at the effluent pond as money in the bank - it’s worth a lot of money to us.”

- John Van Hout, Tamatea Farm, Southland


Pump Switch

Know when the effluent pump is turned on and how long it ran. Check against the irrigation recommendation each day.



Easy to read traffic light analysis of actual vs. target pond levels and irrigation across multiple farms - so you can feel confident everyone’s doing the right thing.



Sense check and calculate your Nitrogen investment

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