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With new regulations around nitrogen usage looming, CropX is challenging farmers to take back control when it comes to the environmental sustainability of their farms, using new technology.

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Advanced global data and technology, close local support and service.

CropX is a global Ag Analytics company that combines the best sensors in the market with multi-functional software to give precise data to growers. From September 2020, we have our branches based in North and South Island in New Zealand to provide close support to our local customers.

What we offer?

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We are providing efficient and sustainable Effluent and Water Irrigation recommendations with our own patented Soil Sensor. We’ve servicing thousands of farmers and growers in the world in various sizes.

Now, we have innovated even further, using their existing soil sensors to develop a new method of tracking insights around nitrogen movement through the soil profile. This new solution provides the ability for farmers and growers to immediately understand the impact their on-farm decisions such as fertilizer application, irrigation and pasture species choices have on nitrogen movement through the soil.

What is so special about CropX patented sensor?

The CropX sensor is the key that unlocks the platform.

  • All in one piece - telemetry unit inside the sensor
  • Allow self-installation
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable batteries
  • Get data in the app in minutes
  • Automated set points
  • Easy to read and navigate

Want to try the sensor?

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