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Our Story

Regen was launched in 2010 with a mission to create world-class technology solutions for New Zealand farmers, by a dedicated team who know and love farming.

Our mission is to provide you more insight into your farm. Sensor technology is fantastic, but we know farmers don’t always have time to sit down and figure out what the numbers mean (or go down to check the water meter). So we’ve built leading edge technology in partnership with Massey University that matches your weather, soil, and other environmental data with our science-backed recommendations.

Now you always know when, how and why when it comes to your effluent and irrigation - as easy as a text every morning, with historical data there when you need it.

Our core products, Regen Effluent and Regen Water, are just the start of our journey alongside our farmers as we transition to a new era in farming - with row and tree crops next on the list.




Our Focus

We know farming is more complex than it used to be and we want to work smarter, not harder with modern farmers.

Regen is customised and scalable to your exact needs, no matter if you’re a single owner operator or chair of a farming enterprise. By focusing on what your data means, not just what it is, we can help assist both your compliance and profitability.

Let’s talk about how we could be a good fit for your operation. Book in a demo with our CEO Bridgit today.