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Irrigation and effluent recommendations tailored to you

Automated recommendations, reporting and alerts for simple and proactive farm management.

Regen mobile app being used out in a field

The precious natural resources that enable New Zealand farmers to produce the world’s best exports are under pressure. Our systems and environment are changing, and we must change with it to succeed.

Our future depends on securing sustainable practices, managing resource use and navigating new regulations and plans with confidence.

Achieving the maximum potential of your farm - where profitability and environmental sustainability go hand in hand - is easier than ever by combining your farm sensors with our advanced recommendation technology so you know what's right for today and the future.

2019 was New Zealand's fourth hottest year on record. Consumer concern over the environment and water regulations is a focus; and global demand for high-quality meat, dairy products and produce is at an all-time high.

Why is Regen right for you?

  • Peace of mind

    When you know you’re operating at best management practices, compliance comes naturally. Feel less stressed with data to back you up when you need it.

  • Real savings

    Enjoy a $5 return: $1 spent. Our customer in Leeston saved $50,000 in water and power costs in the first year.

  • Affordable

    Our services have a low fixed monthly fee and include proactive customer support. You'll barely notice it out of the bank, but definitely will on the bottom line.

  • Science based

    We developed our Soil Water Balance model in close partnership with Massey University - 22nd in the world for Agriculture Science. Trust what you’re doing when irrigating, and managing effluent and nitrogen applications.

  • Smart reports

    Regen logs your consent conditions around nutrient budgets and water use into your system, so that the recommendations always ensure you are acting within your consent.

  • Automated

    During set-up, the system is fine-tuned to your on-farm conditions. Your team can follow the recommendations and get on with the day, so you can save time and operate with confidence.

Our Vision

Regen's CEO/Executive Director Bridgit Hawkins

Our purpose is to enable rivers to sparkle and farmers to stand tall.

Bridgit Hawkins - CEO/Executive Director

At Regen, we believe in a sustainable future, where farmers can hold their heads high, knowing that they're doing right by the land.

Farming should be synonymous with sustainable environmental stewardship.

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