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Irrigation and effluent recommendations tailored to you

Automated recommendations, reporting and alerts for simple and proactive farm management.

Regen mobile app being used out in a field

Why is Regen right for you?

  • Peace of mind

    Know you’re operating at good management practice and that you’re compliant everyday.

  • Real savings

    $5 return: $1 spent

  • Affordable

    Regen is sold "as a service" so you pay a low fixed monthly fee - you'll barely notice it out of the bank, but definitely will on the bottom line.

  • Science based

    Developed in close partnership with Massey University, Regen's core Soil Water Balance model for effluent and water irrigation and nitrogen applications is scientifically based so you can trust you are doing what's right.

  • Smart reports

    Regen ensures your consent conditions around nutrient budgets and water use are logged in the system so that the recommendations always ensure you are acting within your consent.

  • Automated

    Once set up, the system is automated, so you don't have to do anything, just follow the recommendations and get on with your day.

Our Vision

Regen's CEO/Executive Director Bridgit Hawkins

Our purpose is to enable rivers to sparkle and farmers to stand tall.

Bridgit Hawkins - CEO/Executive Director

At Regen, we believe in a sustainable future, where farmers can hold their heads high, knowing that they're doing right by the land.

Farming should by synonymous with sustainable environmental stewardship.

Awards Regen has received


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